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One, two, three….he looked up for the source of drops on his phone. He was ready to fight whoever it was but then he saw a beautiful face, her eyes closed, sobbing uncontrollably. She was on the first floor. “Excuse… Continue Reading →

Bound Heart- Final Part

The next few months had been clouded with confusion, followed by realization and then denial. Yes, the hardcore romantic, greatest fan of Pride and Prejudice had lived in denial and for a long time too. Until one day she couldn’t…. Continue Reading →

Bound Heart PART- DUOS

She was always a romantic person. As a kid she loved watching Shah Rukh Khan’s movies. As she grew up all she read was romantic novels. “Oh, how lovely it would be to meet Mr. Darcy in the real world”…. Continue Reading →


Its 2:13 AM and her mind wanders. Her mind wanders to a hundred different places. It travels from heaven to hell and back to earth. Its a pure mind, her’s is a beautiful mind. She turns to her side. She… Continue Reading →

Ashoka The Great (Part 1)

Defiance… Kalinga defies the might of the Mauryan Empire. They do not respect nor honor our dynasty. I am Ashoka The Great, and I will make them SUBMIT. Glistening golden armour clinked as Ashoka’s chariot charged across the battlefield spearheading… Continue Reading →

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