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I was swiping as usual on a dating app and came across a profile with an interesting bio. I took my chances though I was not expecting to get a swipe back and to my surprise I got a swipe… Continue Reading →

What a Match!!!

I was waiting for my food to arrive in a restaurant when a young boy sitting on the next table asked his father, “Baba why is the restaurant so empty today? Where is everyone? Before his father could reply the… Continue Reading →

Valuable Gift

  “YES! A Daughter!” he cried aloud in happiness. “Can I meet my wife?” he asked the doctor. “No, she needs to rest right now! Don’t worry you have a healthy wife and baby.”   After getting a stern look… Continue Reading →


Its 2:13 AM and her mind wanders. Her mind wanders to a hundred different places. It travels from heaven to hell and back to earth. Its a pure mind, her’s is a beautiful mind. She turns to her side. She… Continue Reading →


  Beep-beep…she heard the battery die but was too distracted to care. Meanwhile, the bottle spun to a stop. It was Radhika’s turn for a dare. “Give your boyfriend a pregnancy scare” they yelled naughtily. “No problem!” Scoffing she grabbed… Continue Reading →

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