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Steps out

I have not seen the world for two months now; I operate my daily needs through cell phone and internet. Instead, I have made a man my world. I am heterosexual so don’t develop any ideas; it’s just that I… Continue Reading →

Belle ame Part 2

It was indeed a beautiful dream, I said to myself taking back my attention towards the workshop. My resolve to ask Sanya to hang out with me strengthened and I was eagerly waiting for the event to conclude. The event… Continue Reading →

Belle ame

I was sitting in a quiet corner sipping my coffee when my gaze settled on a young girl who was chatting animatedly with a group of delegates in the conference. I was so awed that I kept on watching her,… Continue Reading →


One, two, three….he looked up for the source of drops on his phone. He was ready to fight whoever it was but then he saw a beautiful face, her eyes closed, sobbing uncontrollably. She was on the first floor. “Excuse… Continue Reading →


“I forgot how I spelled my name! What was it? D-D?? Shit!! What is my name?” “Mike, what happened?” Somebody asked. I looked around the room to see that he was the only person in the room apart from me…. Continue Reading →


Mariah was too attached to her go now. She started out as a good source of energy, a good vibe. She fed Mariah with positivity and utmost thrill that Mariah was looking for in this world. Not only on Mariah,… Continue Reading →


  There is nothing more comforting than seeing the love of your life after a day of those strenuous hours of work, when those familiar hands touch you, your heart and mind both take a jump…heart towards him and, mind… Continue Reading →

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