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I looked at my eyes again, normal! I was even able to walk in a straight line! Well, I declare that I am unaffected by alcohol. I had been waiting for a long time to test myself against it, now… Continue Reading →

Hottest Date Ever

As the rays of afternoon sun striked the silicon plated huge windows of my office, I prayed to god that something happens to me and I get a day off. I have tried it so many times to breathe in… Continue Reading →


Its 2:13 AM and her mind wanders. Her mind wanders to a hundred different places. It travels from heaven to hell and back to earth. Its a pure mind, her’s is a beautiful mind. She turns to her side. She… Continue Reading →


  There is nothing more comforting than seeing the love of your life after a day of those strenuous hours of work, when those familiar hands touch you, your heart and mind both take a jump…heart towards him and, mind… Continue Reading →

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