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I was swiping as usual on a dating app and came across a profile with an interesting bio. I took my chances though I was not expecting to get a swipe back and to my surprise I got a swipe… Continue Reading →

What a Match!!!

I was waiting for my food to arrive in a restaurant when a young boy sitting on the next table asked his father, “Baba why is the restaurant so empty today? Where is everyone? Before his father could reply the… Continue Reading →

Belle ame Part 2

It was indeed a beautiful dream, I said to myself taking back my attention towards the workshop. My resolve to ask Sanya to hang out with me strengthened and I was eagerly waiting for the event to conclude. The event… Continue Reading →

Belle ame

I was sitting in a quiet corner sipping my coffee when my gaze settled on a young girl who was chatting animatedly with a group of delegates in the conference. I was so awed that I kept on watching her,… Continue Reading →


Mariah was too attached to her go now. She started out as a good source of energy, a good vibe. She fed Mariah with positivity and utmost thrill that Mariah was looking for in this world. Not only on Mariah,… Continue Reading →

Deja vu

On the last day of my mid semester exams, I was riding back home when my cell phone rang. I stopped and attended the call. Reason? It was my mom calling! It was turning cloudy and she asked me to… Continue Reading →

The Camp

  “Jessicaaaa…..honeyy..Could you come downstairs and tell everyone about your story?” How proud Martha was of her daughter. Her baby girl had won a story writing competition today. Jessica had been so tight-lipped about it.Even Martha didn’t know what it… Continue Reading →

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