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Ipsa Kaushiki Rai

A Wednesday!

Reader Entry– It was a Wednesday. Neither as bloody as a Monday nor as exciting as a Friday. Well that made it even sad. Raghav wasn’t even sure what to feel. He was tying his laces. When he was done… Continue Reading →

Steps out

I have not seen the world for two months now; I operate my daily needs through cell phone and internet. Instead, I have made a man my world. I am heterosexual so don’t develop any ideas; it’s just that I… Continue Reading →

Greatest Gift

“Mum…Blood!! Blooooddd!! Help me mum!” she wailed from her room. “What happened sweetie? Are you alright?” Her mother shouted. “No, I am not. Please come fast” she sobbed harder After five minutes, her mother reached her room panting, “What happened,… Continue Reading →


I looked at my eyes again, normal! I was even able to walk in a straight line! Well, I declare that I am unaffected by alcohol. I had been waiting for a long time to test myself against it, now… Continue Reading →

Problem – Yours or Mine?

“Mansi, it is Sneha’s call. It is urgent.” “I cannot talk right now! Oh God!! My life is over!” Mansi screeched. Worried by her daughter’s scream, her mother ran up the stairs to Mansi’s room after ending her daughter’s best… Continue Reading →

Hottest Date Ever

As the rays of afternoon sun striked the silicon plated huge windows of my office, I prayed to god that something happens to me and I get a day off. I have tried it so many times to breathe in… Continue Reading →

Valuable Gift

  “YES! A Daughter!” he cried aloud in happiness. “Can I meet my wife?” he asked the doctor. “No, she needs to rest right now! Don’t worry you have a healthy wife and baby.”   After getting a stern look… Continue Reading →


One, two, three….he looked up for the source of drops on his phone. He was ready to fight whoever it was but then he saw a beautiful face, her eyes closed, sobbing uncontrollably. She was on the first floor. “Excuse… Continue Reading →


“I forgot how I spelled my name! What was it? D-D?? Shit!! What is my name?” “Mike, what happened?” Somebody asked. I looked around the room to see that he was the only person in the room apart from me…. Continue Reading →


“Excuse me; can you smoke a little away from here?” “Why? Have you bought this place?” “Oh no but you see the person I have been waiting for has not arrived yet so I would have to wait here and I… Continue Reading →

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