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Day of Reckoning

Ken was an interesting man – well, to be precise, he was a bird, a chicken with a voluminous sense of pride. Although residing with other, more docile, chicken Ken had wits and passion rarely found in birds. He had… Continue Reading →

Unified Theory of Everything (Part 2)

(If you haven’t read the first part of this story, please read it now! Click here.) ‘I’ve finally lost it.’ he thought. ‘I should have taken to fishing as father insisted.’ He was no longer in his room, but surrounded… Continue Reading →

Unified Theory of Everything (Part 1)

Stained-papers, scribbled with equations, lay strewn across the desk. Their arrangement so chaotic, only a theoretical physicist could muster the courage to find order within them. A scrawny, lanky figure was hunched over the desk. Through rectangular spectacles, its square… Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Never Ate Mangoes

A resounding BANG tore through the sprawling base, scaring crows out of their wits, and sending squirrels scurrying back to their wooden homes. “Scoundrel! Didn’t I tell you to never come back- …” The outraged voice trailed off as the… Continue Reading →

Crimson Red

Anguish had overcome mind and body. Memories of joy still evaded him; long forgotten to a bitter past. Tides of melancholy seeped between grains of thought. Nothing remained. He held up his shaky hand, firmly pressing the razor to his… Continue Reading →

Collateral Damage

The young boy waited beside the school gate even as the last few adolescent students departed with their families. “Is your father running late again?” inquired the guard. The boy directed his green-eyed gaze towards the unfamiliar face. The guard’s… Continue Reading →

Ashoka: Without Sorrow (Part 2)

Wave after wave of attacks thinned down the weary Kalinga army. They faced certain defeat; every man brought down was replaced with another, more eager. They accepted fate. “Only freedom remains now. We fight till we are naught.” screamed the… Continue Reading →

Ashoka The Great (Part 1)

Defiance… Kalinga defies the might of the Mauryan Empire. They do not respect nor honor our dynasty. I am Ashoka The Great, and I will make them SUBMIT. Glistening golden armour clinked as Ashoka’s chariot charged across the battlefield spearheading… Continue Reading →


He never fully awakened from his slumber. A thick, dense fog had descended over his senses. He knew he was alone albeit he did not know why. Green flashes of light scanned across the breadth and length of the large… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Coffee Reads!

Coffee is a me’lange of an addictive aroma, comforting taste and a familiar warmth. Tired, bored and looking for some peace you hook on to a coffee mug… Here we enter into your lives, as soon as you pick up… Continue Reading →

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