I was swiping as usual on a dating app and came across a profile with an interesting bio. I took my chances though I was not expecting to get a swipe back and to my surprise I got a swipe from her. Both of us started texting, and she caught my attention with her witty replies and sarcasm. We were constantly texting, and it seemed like a dream; we were getting to know each other talking about books we like series to be watched, and playing online games.

If it wasn’t for lockdown, I could have got a date too, or so I hoped. I was feeling ecstatic and lucky; the girl was ticking all the right boxes. She was witty and beautiful. Everything was going good until I got a text which said “you know I am not into this right now. This ain’t gonna work. I’m sorry” and the happy dream came to a shattering end or seemed so.

P.S: So did it end for Aman? Will Aman be able to talk to his right swipe again?
Stay tuned to know what happened next……
Till then tell us about your match story.

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