Reader Entry

It was a Wednesday. Neither as bloody as a Monday nor as exciting as a Friday. Well that made it even sad. Raghav wasn’t even sure what to feel. He was tying his laces. When he was done he had no memory of it, as if someone else did it for him. “What the hell..” he thought. “Is that what I am becoming… a programed machine..with no consciousness”?

He stood in front of the mirror. He was wearing a pink shirt with red tie, black trousers, and shoes, folded sleeves, donning a Tissot on his wrist, a thin rimmed frame on his face, parted hair. His trunk bisected diagonally with a string of a sling laptop bag. Satisfied with his look he questioned himself “Is that the reason I go to the office every day, so that I have a reason to get dressed?” Trying to dismiss these thoughts he stepped outside his house.

The hot summer sun hit his face, adding to his irritation. “Why do I do this? This 9 to 5? Is it really a bad thing? Everyone is complaining about it yet everyone is working hard to find it. Is it just in trend to criticize the corporate life? Or is it really a killer?”… The flood of thoughts started again.

He boarded the metro and reached his office with frustration which was growing every minute. His office was on the 7th floor but he accidentally pressed the 6th. He was too busy sailing through the whirlpool of thoughts, to realise his mistake. Stepped out at the 6th floor and tried his access card at the entrance. “Beeep…” It didn’t work. He wanted to punch the door but somehow controlled himself. He turned to ask someone to open the gate, when he noticed he was on the wrong floor. He looked up, hoping to see the sky but had to settle with a ceiling. “What do you want??” He shouted at the lord, trying as loud as possible in his thoughts. He went back to the elevator.

As the elevator doors opened he saw a girl. Brown skinned, silky hair, green top with white flowers, white skirt, beige strappy sandals and an I-card around her neck. She was ecstasy. Raghav was frozen. She looked at him and made an expression that said “you want to come in or what?”. He understood and quickly rushed in. He stepped out at 7th, but didn’t look back at her. He went to his work station and realised that his mind was silenced. He smiled and stated coding.

Written by –
Nikhil Dwivedi.