“Mum…Blood!! Blooooddd!! Help me mum!” she wailed from her room.

“What happened sweetie? Are you alright?” Her mother shouted.

“No, I am not. Please come fast” she sobbed harder

After five minutes, her mother reached her room panting, “What happened, my dearest?”

Pointing to her ‘dirty laundry’ basket, she said “I came from school and as usual opened all my clothes to take a bath when I saw blood on my skirt and my underwear. I thought that the blister that had appeared on my hips busted but no, it is flowing from somewhere else.” And she sobbed harder.

“Oh my baby!” her mother cried in joy and kissed her, “Finally my daughter is a grown up girl now!”

“What the hell are you saying!!” she wailed even louder.

Her mom explained her everything and sat there with a smile so as to see her daughter’s reaction.

“I knew you don’t like me! Why did you do this to me? Keep this disease to yourself, why me! I want to be the old me…” and she cried again. She turned and sobbed into her pillow.

Her mother sat there, her smile still playing at the corners of her mouth.

After 10 minutes, her daughter’s sobs died away. She had slept due to exhaustion.


In the evening, the daughter woke up after being startled by someone’s hand on her hair. She opened her eyes to her best friend, her father. Oh how happy she was seeing him, no thought of the horrid incident from the noon.

He kissed her forehead and said, “My daughter finally grew up”.

“Nooo…you too papa?” She again sobbed.

Her father sat confused then looked at his wife who explained, “she thinks I did this to her!”

“What nonsense! My dear daughter, this is a blessing. It means that one day you will also have a family. It is given to every woman by God. Men cannot do it, it is the greatest power in this world!” he said gently.

She looked teary eyed at her mum and then at her daddy. They were happy, really happy! Maybe it was a happy thing. She understood very little that time but seeing them happy, she was happy too.

“Can I have my favourite chocolate then?” she asked a smile reflected in her eyes.

“Yes!” said her parents in unison and she laughed.