I was waiting for my food to arrive in a restaurant when a young boy sitting on the next table asked his father, “Baba why is the restaurant so empty today? Where is everyone? Before his father could reply the owner answered excitedly, “Beta aaj toh India vs Pakistan ka cricket match hai na, sab wohi dekh rahe hoge(There is a cricket match between India and Pakistan, so everyone must be watching that)!

The child then asked what was SO special about the India vs. Pakistan match that the people are so obsessed with it. The father explained that India and Pakistan are long-standing rivals and people of both countries hate each other because of the history they share and that’s why India vs. Pakistan match is high on emotion; people on both the sides wait to see the other side get crushed by their home team. “But papa my friend Rashid is from Pakistan and doesn’t hate me although I am an Indian! And neither any of his friends do! Do you know anyone who hates you daddy?” saying so Amish looked through his big dreamy eyes towards his father. “Amish shut up and finish your food!” the father said a bit embarrassed.

But those words got me thinking-How can the long-standing agony of the rivalry be pleased just by the result of a match? Is it rivalry or just the emotions of the human beings who have lost so much during the partition that they curse each other for the excruciating pain they have been through which is being milked by the interested stakeholders involved in political and commercial activities and the first world Nations?