Stained-papers, scribbled with equations, lay strewn across the desk. Their arrangement so chaotic, only a theoretical physicist could muster the courage to find order within them. A scrawny, lanky figure was hunched over the desk. Through rectangular spectacles, its square face peered over an unfinished equation.

Glum and uninspired, Hisao sighed, taking a moment to note the time: two-thirty past midnight. He realized he hadn’t slept in eighteen hours. How could he? For he anguished over his greatest challenge yet… the theory of everything.

Hisao took a few deliberate sips from his cup. His love for matcha only grew stronger everyday – its energizing effects and vibrant brand of green endorsed his devout passion for physics. He took another sip but accidentally spilled some on his notes. The green liquid began to soak in the paper, blotting out the letters. As he frantically dabbed on the papers with the cuff of his shirt, he observed the ink as it drew away from its ancestral stroke into a slow dance of organic patterns. It was in this moment that he was enlightened. The connection between macro and micro seemed so apparent. His mind was set ablaze with inspired thought.

Hisao began framing his equations on paper. He toiled over his work for the next few hours. On the verge of completing his solution, he began to scan through his work for inconsistencies. It was perfect; well, except for that one little-step – he quickly amended the error. He was now trembling with excitement. He couldn’t wait to present his work to his peers and the scientific community. ‘I can’t believe it.’ He thought to himself. ‘It’s beautiful, magnific–‘ his train of thought was interrupted by the appearance of a bright white beam on the center of his work. Puzzled, he looked up, at the source of this mysterious beam.

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