It was indeed a beautiful dream, I said to myself taking back my attention towards the workshop. My resolve to ask Sanya to hang out with me strengthened and I was eagerly waiting for the event to conclude. The event finally concluded everyone exchanged their pleasantries and there i was striking unwilling conversations with people, waiting for her to finish her work. Finally when she came to say goodbye when I managed to ask her “Are you in a hurry?” Do you mind if we catch up in evening for dinner? Though hesitant at first, she finally agreed saying that i will inform you when i reach my place. I instantly nodded and told her that we could meet at sc mall near her place and that I will wait for her call. I told her that i have some work and will finish that till she gets to the mall. I killed one and half hour doing work i attended to, 3 days ago. I finally messaged her saying “Hey i am waiting for your message!” She finally called and told me that she totally forgot and was really tired. So i asked her if she could meet me somewhere near to her place which she replied costa coffee. We finally met at costa and later ended up at SGC. I could finally see that angelic smile again. I was nervous and flustered but still managed to initiate a conversation.

P.S What will the conversation be like? Is there something cooking between them or is it just pure reverence for each other? Let’s wait and watch!