I was sitting in a quiet corner sipping my coffee when my gaze settled on a young girl who was chatting animatedly with a group of delegates in the conference. I was so awed that I kept on watching her, unaware of the things that were happening in my surroundings. She was gracefully easing in and out of conversations like a perfectly synchronised symphony, leaving everyone she interacted with a smile. Her smile came across like that cold monsoon breeze which when caresses you; your mood changes instantly and you are all happy and chirpy. I was so intrigued that I wanted to go talk to her but being the introvert I am, I couldn’t approach her. I resumed my work cussing at my shy self. It was after the lunch when I was discussing something with a co-participant, someone approached us and as we turned towards the voice, I could see the same beautiful smile. I can never forget that moment; she introduced herself as Sanya and started animatedly conversing with us.

I actually went into a trans for a split second when I saw her up-close; the innocence on her face and her beautifully crafted eyes made her smile even more magical. She justified the name ‘Sanya’. She was like a water droplet, flawless and unstoppable who would take on life as and when it comes. I wanted to know her better and decided to ask her out after the conference.

The conference finally ended and I was nervously waiting for a chance to approach her and finally got the chance when she came to bid adieu. I managed to ask her somehow if we could grab a meal together or hangout at some place and she agreed instantly. Just then someone called my name and I zapped out of my reverie realizing that I was imagining; I had not asked her out…..Yet…

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– Vineet Bhagoji