One, two, three….he looked up for the source of drops on his phone. He was ready to fight whoever it was but then he saw a beautiful face, her eyes closed, sobbing uncontrollably.
She was on the first floor.
“Excuse me, are you okay?”
“Huh, Yes Yes, I am Fine! Please don’t pay attention” she said and went inside. She had not realized that somebody was there. She did not wish to display her emotions.
The doorbell rang. ‘Shit!’
She opened the door but partially, same guy!
“Please let me in. I can help. Please trust me!”
She opened the door, he sat.
“Tell me the matter!”
She was silent.
“My husband got few Alzheimer attacks and he forgot me…”
‘I live in the same building I never saw him.’ He wondered ‘But then she lives on this floor, and I live on… I live on… where do I live?”


-Ipsa Kaushiki Rai