“Hi!How are you?”she croaked.The once calming white walls were starting to make her claustrophobic.

“Hey babe!I’m good.In the middle of a meeting actually.Anything important?”
“Ermm..just wanted to hear your voice.This distance is killing me.”She chuckled at the pun.
Half-way across the world,he nodded politely as his boss glowered at him.
“Honey,I really gotta go.Do you have something important to tell me?”

*sigh!not like this*

“No.Nothing important.Have a good day babe”
Her mind wandered as she hung up.

*Time is cruel indeed*

She reminised of simpler times.A past where work wasn’t the only priority,where time wasn’t equated to money.But now..
A hand on her shoulder ended her thoughts.

“We’re ready for you Maya”spoke the lady in white.
Maya looked into the mirror.Undoing the bandana slowly,she looked ruefully at her thinning hair.A tear rolled down her cheek.

*No!Not like this*

“Let’s go”she finally spoke.