“I forgot how I spelled my name! What was it? D-D?? Shit!! What is my name?”

“Mike, what happened?” Somebody asked. I looked around the room to see that he was the only person in the room apart from me. I asked him, “Who am I?”

“What are you saying? You are joking right?” he strained his eyes on my face as he spoke.

“Do I look like it?” I shouted in an agitated voice. “How do you know me? Where am I?” I asked him again.


This time scared, he answered, “You are visiting your locker. You just told me your name…You were signing your name in order to go inside the locker room!”


I sat down clutching my head.


“I … Wait… let me call help!” words echoed as he ran out.


I smirked at his retreating figure, took out the master key and signed my name. “Smith”………

Ipsa Kaushiki Rai