Mariah was too attached to her go now. She started out as a good source of energy, a good vibe. She fed Mariah with positivity and utmost thrill that Mariah was looking for in this world. Not only on Mariah, but she could sway anyone around, the strong and the feeble ones or the powerful or the week ones. All she knows is that she is capable of promises, promises that have a strong hold however delusional they look.

Mariah was in her hold, she took Mariah into a beautiful looking world away from her family and friends. She took Mariah away from her compassion for life and she was the only one with Mariah now. Along this path Mariah learnt the art of complete denial and the art of creating a segregated world to be happy.

But little did she know, Mariah’s beautiful world look grim to us. It was a destination of despair and helplessness and most people stuck there with content heart were longing for an escape and little do we know , her name is Addiction. And Mariah was not happy after all.

“You’re happiness lies in your hand. Not in anything or anyone.”

by Meghana Kasula


Meghana is currently pursuing B.E., social developments, psychology and philosophy affect her more than anything. She likes to have an opinion on different social issues, and respects the stand of others. She is more observant less talkative, more exploratory less adventurous.

She says, “I write because I love to do so. I feel writing is a very strong yet natural way to affect someone’s mind and bring a change in thoughts. I have been a blogger and writer for past 3 years.”