The next few months had been clouded with confusion, followed by realization and then denial. Yes, the hardcore romantic, greatest fan of Pride and Prejudice had lived in denial and for a long time too. Until one day she couldn’t. She couldn’t bear with it anymore. She couldn’t keep away anymore. And so she let go. She let go and let love come to her. She let love get her. She let love save her. And then she was happy.

Her parents found out soon enough. And then all hell broke loose. “We can’t allow this, how could you do something like this and ruin your family’s name. You are a disgrace to this family.” She fought. She fought hard…. but they took “her” away. They took Emily away.

Emily was the love of her life. Why couldn’t they understand that? How could they do that? Why was being in love with a girl such a disgrace to them? Emily was a beautiful person. She was a lovely human being. But nobody understood. Your love is supposed to make you happy. Emily did. Emily made her happy. She complemented her. She made her feel better about herself. She made her a better person. But tied in their narrow frame of mind, bound by the double standard society, blinded by their orthodox beliefs and lack of sympathy for an orphan girl they decided to take her away. “Oh Emily”, she sobbed in her pillow. She knew what she must do. She was decided. There was no other way she thought. She took the pill with half a glass of water.


It was 2:54 AM. And she let her mind wander……