There is nothing more comforting than seeing the love of your life after a day of those strenuous hours of work, when those familiar hands touch you, your heart and mind both take a jump…heart towards him and, mind out of the window!

I sat on my terrace after taking a bath; Raghav came and stood behind me.

After giving me a peck on my cheek, he rested his hands on my shoulder.

 “It’s almost seven dear, I need to leave in ten minutes now.”

“Do you really need to go Raghav?”

“You know that!”

“Yeah I do, I will wait for you tomorrow sweetheart!” and I stood up, turned and kissed him.

As soon as we parted, he went to the terrace wall and jumped.

“Good Night Raghav”

Raghav fell off the terrace in an accident, some eight years ago but still never fails to visit me every night.