Red translucent, I could see the chewing gum inside the strawberry lollipop.

I pointed to the red candy, shopkeeper saw me.

“Which one?” he asked.

I pointed to the red one, pressing my finger against the big glass counter.

After struggling for some time, he got what I wanted to have and sold it to me.

It has been two years now since that day, Jeevprakash uncle is now well acquainted with my tastes and me Full Article.

But recently, I heard that he moved to a bigger candy store.

I went to a nearby store, I saw my favorite candy and pointed to it, the guy was young and impatient.

I tried to make him understand but failed, I then took a piece of paper and wrote down my request, he looked at me apologetically, “I don’t know how to read and write.”

Tired, I retreated on my way back home.